An Abstract Artist Becomes Secret Santa on Christmas

Abstract Artist Becomes Secret Santa on Christmas, Gives the ‘Gift of Mobility’ to Physically Disabled Children of Ashadaan
Mumbai-based abstract artist, Krupa Shah, celebrated Christmas week – the season of giving and sharing – in a special manner. The children of Ashadaan, Missionaries of Charity, on Wednesday, December 25, 2019, were taken by surprise after receiving a special visit from their ‘Santa’ with Christmas treats and gifts of their need, ‘Wheelchairs.’
On the ultimate quest to spread happiness, Shah spent the day playing games, cutting cakes, and distributing five wheelchairs to the physically-disabled children at the gathering place in Ashadaan. Christmas should be like this.  The evening ended on a happy note as the children had finally found a source of mobility, a sense of independence, and brief peeks of power, that would together improve their quality of life.

Shah said the Christmas celebrations delivered the greatest sense of satisfaction and joy to not just her but the children there as well, thanks to the members of Ashadaan and volunteers who stepped up to help distribute gifts and host the event. Reflecting on the Christmas initiative, Krupa Shah, commented, “Its been a great experience to celebrate Christmas with the angels of Ashadaan, who were no short of enthusiasm and excitement. It is my constant endeavour to give back to the community, especially kids, who deserve nothing but happiness and a secured future. I hope these wheelchairs support the little kids in having better mobility and accessibility to move around. I wish the children and members of Ashadaan a Happy New Year.”

Shah, through similar activities, has celebrated different occasions with kids, women, the elderly and policemen of Mumbai, in a bid to give back to society and fulfill her mission of spreading joy.

About Krupa Shah

Krupa Shah is an Indian artist who uses colours, textures, and experiences of her artistic life to create rhythmic, bold, and compelling art. Shah is a master of palette knife. The art of Shah immerses audiences in a pleasant world of energy, positivity, warmth, and light. Best known for her signature paintings, Vintage Buddha Collection, Abhiscka – The Chank, and Aum Collection, Shah redefines art with intense imagery that amalgamates spirituality with imagination.

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