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Note : All the Review is Based on my Personal Experience and I am not getting Paid to Review.

When I first bought My DSLR, I really Needed Some Accessories to Use My Camera without any Hassle. I Bought Nikon D3400, I was thinking to buy Canon 1500D but I was Little Confused between Nikon and Canon. After Researching a lot, I Finally Bought Nikon. 

I will make a Separate Comparison Video for both the Cameras.

I already Spent Much money on the Camera, and I didn’t want to Spend More on it’s Accessories. 

So I thought of Buying Budget Ranged accessories for my New DSLR. The First Accessory was a Good Tripod. I researched a Lot about Tripods and Finally Got Amazon Basics 50- Inch Lightweight Tripod. I will be Placing all the Links at the End of the blog 🙂 

Second Product, that I Bought for My DSLR was the Hood for Both the Kit Lenses I got. I Bought the Hood from a Brand Named OMax. Really Satisfied with the Build Quality of their Products.

Thirdly, I got Some Lens UV Filter which is Very Necessary for your Everyday use. Will be Making a Different article Regarding the Use of UV Filters and Lens Hood. Lens Hood was also from the Brand Omax. So this is all I bought for my New DSLR. 

Nikon D3400 DSLR  >

Tripod  >

Lens Hood >

Lens UV Filter >


Do Comment if you liked the Article 🙂 I will be Sharing a Comparison Between Nikon D3400 and Canon 1500D in my Upcoming Blog. Till then Keep Smiling, and Spreading Positivity.

– Rohit Chauhan (Founder ElegantFactor)

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