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So Recently I Tried a New Social App named TUBBR App. It is World’s first Personal Social Networking App. This Blog is going to be Interesting


I have been using this App for about One and a Half Months. TUBBR lets you Create Multiple Timelines  via Public and Private Walls According to the Need of people. You can use those Walls for posting Content Based on your Interests. I am really Loving this App. If you are an Influencer and you want to Target Specific Audience, then TUBBR is for you  


Upload Anything you want

You can upload Images, Videos, and Texts too

Targeted Audience

You can share your Posts for a Specific Niche, this way You can Reach way more People

Safe and Secure

With the Help of Private walls you can Share your Content with the People you want

So as you know, I am a Lifestyle Content Creator. I upload Lifestyle Content on this Wall 🙂

I love Clicking Photos in my Free Time. TUBBR let me Post them from  a Single Account but from a Different Wall.

This is the FEATURED Section 

TUBBR feature Your Walls frequently, so that you can reach great Amount of People

As you can See, My Wall ( Slay Together x itsrrohit ) is Featured recently 🙂

This Gives an Exposure to our Walls on TUBBR

This is the Discover Section of TUBBR App. Anyone Can Become Top Influencers from their category as well. you can add New People from this Section and You can Subscribe to New Walls from here only 

If you Subscribe to Any of the Walls, you can See them here in Network Section. This Way you can Easily Checkout their Posts

See, TUBBR is Only available through invites. I have Only 100 invites Left. So you Can use TUBBR through my Access Code

My TUBBR Access Code – CYUO36

Download TUBBR from here :-


iOS –

You can Subscribe to my Wall as well. Here is the Link to my Wall : Slay Together x itsRRohit

Thank You


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